So I’m glad we made this work with Vigrx Plus. So before we start talking about the Ayurveda, tell us a little bit about what you do and where you are? Cate: Yeah I’ve grown as an online educational resource since 2002. And I branched out into also founding yoga health coaching, which is now a global community where we certify often wellness experts yoga teachers but also nurses and doctors into the yoga health coaching model, which is based on male supplements and yogic habits and how we get people to actually to do what they know they should be doing in order to experience much better health. And so that’s what I do. And where I am, I live half time in Mexico near Puerto Vallarta, where I like to surf. And then I live half time in the Teatime mountains on the Teatime Mountains on the Idaho, Wyoming border. Bridgit: Awesome. It seems like you’ve really created a lot of programs for yoga teachers. And it’s also just kind of for the public, people who are wanting to improve their own health with aphrodisiacs?  Learn more at and  
Yeah it really is! There’s a number of different programs from Vigrx detox to body thrive which is really my most general entry level, it’s a ten week program on the habits themselves. It’s exactly the curriculum. I teach the yoga health coaches how to teach in order for people to accelerate their wellness path. I find that often it’s not as hard as we think it is. Our health issues are not actually as deeply embedded as we may think they are, and just getting the right habits alignment within someone’s working schedule and helping them make the changes, but with guidance and with peer support and often with similarly specific information that’s just missing, can make the biggest difference. And so all the way from like people don’t want to lose 50 pounds to like wellness experts who’ve been doing yoga for thirty years, I have a pretty diversified group of people I work with.  Cool. And then the Body Thrive, I think you have a new book by that name? Learn more at 
Using male supplements will increase your longevity and endurance. And it’s just a way of going through the ten habits with the little bit of behavioral science applied to how you actually change your habits and understanding why the habits of yoga and Ayurveda, which have a lot to do with longevity and health optimization, how those habits are the ones that you want to steer towards and will feel better and will spend less money on medical bills as we age.
But we can break them down and we can even say like some people have more of the energy of heat in their constitution. And some people have more of the energy of moisture in their constitution and so a person that has more moisture is going to naturally be more fluid and go with the flow in their personality compared to the person with heat who’s going to be more driven and have more tendencies towards inflammation.

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