With the increasing proliferation of iPhones in circulation there is an increasing demand on phone specialists like Data Clinic to provideiPhone data recoveryservices to greater numbers of consumers within the UK. This is an example enquiry from an iPhone owner who is looking to get their phone’s information recovered after experiencing some sort of problem with their phone.

Hi I have locked my phone on to the screen where it says connect to iTunes and I can’t access my files and I don’t want to plug it into the computer to iTunes because I haven’t done a back up and I really don’t want to loose my data as it is very important to me and my life like pictures ect!! I went to the Apple Store and they were hopeless and couldn’t help! Could you? If u could get back to me that would be great thanks.


I wonder how did your phone get in this predicament in the first place? Were you attempting to upgrade to the latest iOS? There have been many problems associated with this and in many cases people want their data back but have lost it as they have followed the wrong iPhone recover procedure. The problems causing iPhones to lock are many and some are simple to circumvent, I recommend the post athttp://www.gottabemobile.com/2016/01/19/ios-9-problems-fixes/ detailing the 10 most common iPhone problems (iOS 9). A note of caution though: if you are intending to follow any of the recommendations in that post make sure you read all the instructions to the end first as in many cases, fixing the problem will unfortunately loose all the data from your iPhone.=”http:>

Of course, there are various definitions of ‘losing your data’. Many of us who lose our data are unaware that it is not actually lost and should be engage a decent iPhone data recovery company, our data would in most situations be rescued. It’s just not recoverable because we don’t know how to get it back ourselves, and many of us are unaware of the capabilities of a good data recovery company.

Even when our iPhones no longer work, a skilled iPhone specialist is able to retrieve our data by extracting the memory chips of the phone from it’s mainboard and reading the information from them in a chip reader. There are usually only 1 or 2 memory chips on the phone’s mainboard and once the data from them has been extracted it’s a case of resembling the data from them correctly before the data begins to make any sense again. If you think of this task very much like piecing together a jigsaw then you won’t be too far from the mark as it’s quite an accurate analogy.

If I take an educated guess I think a decent iPhone recovery company such as Data Clinic would be able to rectify the problem with your phone and restore your data as well. It doesn’t sound like there is any physical damage to your phone and therefore the data should be retrievable without have to resort to reading the information directly from the chips and taking your phone apart.

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