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In this article I would like to give you a sufficientoverview of 100k Factory Ultra Edition and give you a sense for what it is. Inthe month of April, you are going to hear more about 100k Factory Ultra Editionthan any other Jvzoo or Clickbank launch, so I am sure you will be curious toknow why it is such a hyped up product. Unlike a year ago, 100k Factory is notsome “new” and “unknown” course that may or may not be as good as it was beinghyped up to be. But a year has passed and there is a lot we know about AidanBooth and 100k Factory in contrast with a year ago. We now know that 100kFactory became the best-selling product in Jvzoo history. We now know that itlived up to its lofty expectations and paved the way for many aspiring online marketers– some with experience and some without – to quit their jobs and make acomfortable living online. So the difference between this year and last year isthat we know the 100k Factory brand is the real deal and I fully expect theirteam to come through again with 100k Factory Ultra Edition.

That said, there are differences between 100k Factory and 100k Factory 2.0 (aka100k Factory Ultra Edition). For starters, 100k Factory Ultra Edition teachesyou how to build a thriving eCommerce business by utilizing dropshipping fromChina whereas the original 100k Factory had nothing to do with eCommerce. Sowhy the sudden shift?

Well, if you have been involved with online marketing for more than 2 years orso, then you could vouch for me when I say that each year everyone is ravingabout a different business model and that’s not to say each business modelbecomes obsolete by the next year, but there will be another new shiny objectthat everyone wants to get in on. This year is all about Shopify stores kind oflike a couple years ago we kept hearing about Teespring which seemingly cameout of nowhere. And when I went to myfirst online marketing event in Las Vegas in January 2016, I met severalindividuals that had NOT been doing online marketing for as long as I had, andthey did not know as much about online marketing as I did, but they were makinga LOT more money. What were they doing exactly? eCommerce and Shopify.

100k Factory Ultra Editionreview literally GIVES YOU this proven eCommerce blueprintthat has been repeatedly turned into 6 and 7 figure businesses. In a nutshell,it consists of 3 phases. In phase 1 you are going to learn about eCommerce andbuild your own store that lists and sells physical products BUT you will NOTneed to purchase any inventory because you are going to be taking advantage ofdropshipping! But what good is a store without customers? It’s useless! That’swhy phase 2 is all about how you are going to use dirt cheap ads to generatehigh quality and highly targeted traffic to your store. In other words, yourcustomers are going to be people that already have an interest in whatever itis you are selling as long as you follow the model in your training. Finally,in phase 3 you are going to learn how to take a successful eCommerce store tothe next level. By now you already have some products and you are alreadymaking sales, so it’s time to take what you’re already doing with success andMULTIPLY IT! In other words, phase 3 is all about scaling your business and thebeauty of this business model is that it can be scaled as far as you want it togo (although at a certain point you are obviously going to need external help).

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