Try to find alternative solutions to any medications you take. Specifically, try to avoid anti-depressants such as SSRIs, which decrease your ability to orgasm. The interesting thing is that orgasm can improve your wellbeing and decrease depression. (I’m referring to implosive orgasms; explosive clitoral orgasms can make you moody, emotional, chaotic or even more depressed.) Consult with your therapist about going off your medications, but be aware that he or she will probably not be supportive of this course of action. After all, their worldview and their income is based on medicating you and seeing you once or twice a month for the rest of your life. Again, I’m no doctor, so you need to make the right decision for yourself. Consider creating a kind of daily routine to supports your orgasmic journey. Learn more at and example: − Ten minutes of shaking, dancing or exercising. − At least twenty minutes of self-pleasuring with internal stimulation (and aim for forty-five minutes twice a week). − Twenty minutes of sitting meditation. − Ten minutes of journaling, affirmations and intention-setting. These activities by themselves won’t help you have mind-blowing orgasms, however, in combination with your other orgasmic practices, they will have a noticeable effect on your pleasure and sex life. Activities are one of the things you can do to support your orgasmic journey and the next thing to look at is what aspects of your lifestyle you can change or let go of. Orgasmic lifestyle choices The pill – The birth control pill might be one of the easiest and safest solutions to avoid getting pregnant, but it also can harm your libido, decrease your vaginal lubrication and make it more difficult for you to orgasm. Moreover, it decreases your connection to your body and feminine intuition. It also changes your natural intuition about potential partners. Educate yourself about alternative or natural contraceptive methods. • Intra Uterine Devices (IUD) – I hate to say it, but this is another contraceptive method that I don’t recommend. Copper coils can attract electro-magnetic radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi networks or any other electrical device in and around your home.

And hormonal IUDs have similar side effects to birth control pills. Also, both coils can create a constant irritation in your cervix or womb and lead to a mild infection. As always, you are responsible for your body and need to find a birth control method that serves you. It’s understandable that you won’t be able to change all aspects of your life in one day. All I am suggesting is that you experiment with these ideas, incorporate more of them into your life and remember to have fun along the way. These resources include: • All of the orgasmic extras and resources that I’ve mentioned throughout this book. • More information on “Orgasm Unleashed Online Program” • A list of recommended articles. • Recommendations for erotic dance teachers and classes. • Recommended books. • An invite to a special Facebook group, where you can connect with fellow readers to hear their inspiring transformation stories and receive support on your orgasmic journey. • Access to more information about Eyal’s transformational workshops. • How to claim your special discount for Eyal’s coaching journeys • How to stay in the loop about Eyal’s upcoming books and online programs about sexuality, personal development and conscious business. • And much more… Learn more at

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