Reciprocation, one of Cialidini’s six weapons of pheromone influence, is something most of us know about. Its bascially returning a favor or giving something for something previously given pheromone cologne. If you read about it, or listened to one of Cialidinis speeches, you know what its about, if you haven’t, you definitely should check out his pheromones.. MOST (not all) of us here in TP (or the seduction community in general), accept that ideal pheromone reciprocation exists in the world and that it is one of the strongest social components. Learn more at and

Well although its certainly there, i would argue against this idea of pheromone attraction. I think that those of us that started off as AFCs are more likely to belive this type of pheromone behavior really exists. That people always and fully reciprcate actions pheromones behviors and events. We are more likely to believe in this behavior because most of us have this ingrained into our brain. Give and Get, Get and Give. This type of behavior has gotten us NOWHERE. So we turn to places like this, the pheromone community. In my personal experience (the little experience in my very small 20 years on this earth) i have noticed a few things. People that are high value generally dont reciprocate and even others that arent such high value tend not to reciprocate. High valued guys tend to take what they want, when they want, and dont care about giving anything back. This is the case of most high valued guys these days. Pheromones work for all men. High valued (and most likely even Mid to High Valued) girls are the same way, but even worse to an extent. Then don’t just take what they want and forget about its source, they EXPECT TO BE GIVEN SOMETHING with real pheromones. Girls expect things to be given to them? How about dates when the guys pay, how about gifts, how about vacations when guys pay, how about the engagement ring? Just ask any mid-high valued girl, they get so much from guys that they forget that they haven’t deserved it and begin to expect it (and frankly i dont blame them). Low valued peopel (guys and girls) are the AFCs of the world of pheromone attraction. They give and give and give in the hope that they will one day be given something in return (sex love care protection or whatever it is). They give their value and resources to ‘higher valued’ people in return to get a bit off of their value which is perceived to be greater than their own pheromones. This is perhaps why higher valued people affect us so much. it might just be some sort of pheromone defense mechanism to tell us “hey, we gave our value to this person and they dont give a shit nor will they reciprocate, we need to do something.” In a lot of cases, people will choose to go the wrong path, they will give up even more of their own personal value (whatever that value may be, time, energy, money, etc). They will feed this ‘cooler’ person with whatever they have, in essence, making them bigger and more powerful pheromone. This will either go on indefinitely (when people think ‘hey if i treat x person nicer, they’ll be nicer to me and give me some of their value”, OR they will say fuck it and stop giving away their own personal value (such as when a person says “fuck them, they arent getting shit outa me until they deserve it!”). Learn more at

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