It is hard to determine one best lawn fertilizer because there are so many different kinds of grass. You also have to look at the soil of the area to determine what the needs will be in fertilizer. The amount of sun and shade that your lawn gets also has a direct influence on the way the grass grows and how green it gets. Walk on the lawn and see whether or not the grass remains down in your footstep. This could be a sign that you need to water the garden or that the lawn does not have the right nourishment for growing well.

When you use fertilizer on your lawn, it will stimulate the growth of the grass. This will also mean you have to mow the lawn more often. Experts recommend that you do apply fertilizer at least four times a year. There are different fertilizers you should use at the various periods of the year. In spring, choose a fertilizer just for that time of the year. As the grass begins to grow stronger in late spring, you should use a turf builder, and during the summer, you need to use a summer guard that won’t burn up your lawn. There is also a winter fertilizer you can use to help prepare the garden for the coming spring.

While most of the commercial fertilizers do contain chemicals, if you want your garden to be environmentally friendly, there are organic fertilizers for your needs. You can also leave small grass clippings on the lawn rather than rake them up. This is the most natural kind of fertilizer apart from animal manure. Although manure is one of the best fertilizers, it is also unsightly and smelly.

There are sixteen essential elements that your lawn needs in order to stay alive and healthy. Many of them are naturally given to the lawn, but you need to be responsible for supplying the other elements. You can do this by adding fertilizer that includes nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.

You can’t just give the lawn any fertilizer with these, though. You need to make sure it has the proper amount of each element. To know this, you have to understand what each one does for your plants.

Nitrogen is the most important element for your lawn says It is the element that causes the grass to grow. In addition, it makes the grass green. It makes the blades of grass thicker and stronger, making it easier to fight off pests.

Potassium helps to immunity of your lawn. It will help it to resist disease, drought, cold weather, and other hardships.

Phosphorus is used to make the roots of the grass stronger. Most fertilizers have all three of these necessary elements., but they are made with different combinations of them. If you read, 30-10-10 on the package, for example, it means that the mixture contains 30 percent nitrogen, 10 percent phosphorus, and 10 percent potassium.

There is not just one correct combination to use. There are a variety of factors that can influence which is best. Higher potassium is good to use right before winter, for example. The grass type, climate, season, and soil type are all important to consider when choosing a mixture.

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